About Microsoft SQL Server Community

SQL Server Community is a one stop resource site formed by passionate SQL Server subject matter experts from across the globe. This community is an independent organization that provides central hub for SQL Server professionals to Connect, Share and Learn from each other.

SQL Server Community was founded in 2006 by Saleem Hakani (Microsoft Technology Evangelist) and several other Microsoft employees and experts from across the globe with 250k+ registered users from 90+ countries.

Saleem Hakani – SQL Server Community Founder and Leader

Saleem Hakani is a Principal Database Engineer and Architect at Microsoft Corporation with 20+ years of experience with Microsoft Technologies specializing in database systems and has worked extensively with SQL Server since it was first ported from Sybase System 4.2 in 1992.

Saleem has worked on numerous large scale Microsoft services including Azure, Hotmail, Bing, MSN, Microsoft Learning, Microsoft Azure Tools, Etc. Saleem is also a technical presenter for various Microsoft events including TechReady, SQLFEST, SQL-SUMMIT, SQLPASS, SQL-SCHOOL, etc., and is responsible for creating SQL Server standard and Performance audits across Microsoft.

Saleem Hakani founded and currently leads the worldwide Microsoft SQL Server Community (250k users worldwide) and has been recognized as the founder and leader of Microsoft SQL Server Community by the SQL Server Business Division @ Microsoft. He holds many technical certifications including: MCT, MCDBA, MCSA, MCTS, MCSD and is a prominent author of 100+ best practices articles, SQL Server tips & tricks published in TechNet / MSDN magazine since the year 2007.